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If you wish to adopt one of our many fine animals, you may call 979-535-4059 or email at Adoption fees are $65.00.



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"The Best Animal Shelter Is A Caring Community"

PAAWS (Pet Adoption and Animal Welfare Society) is a group of concerned citizens of Burleson County, who have come together to develop an all volunteer organization with the goal of procuring land and expanding as a rescue and adoption program in Burleson County.

The organization is the result of the efforts of one woman, Laura Gomes, who had over many years rescued and found homes for numerous dogs and cats. The ones she could not find homes for were provided a place to live. There was no organized group to address the county-wide problem of abandoned animals. As the problem grew Ms. Gomes enlisted the help of others and formed PAAWS in August, 2005. Since then PAAWS has helped over 200 dogs and cats. Volunteers have been housing these rescued animals on their private properties until they can be adopted. Unfortunately, the group has now reached maximum capacity. PAAWS is still working toward the much needed land and building to expand.

PAAWS works with other animal rescue groups in the region. It has held or participated in area adoption days. It provides a haven for older and special needs dogs and cats that would make great pets, but because of their needs they are not very adoptable.

PAAWS has sponsored the EmanciPet low cost mobile spay/neuter clinic visits and has covered the costs of spay/neuter and medical care for all rescued animals put up for adoption. PAAWS assisted with spay/neuter costs for approximately 600 animals.

Anyone who has been dealing with yet another litter of puppies or kittens, anyone who is worried that their pet will get pregnant again, anyone who is tired of their dog roaming in search of a female in heat should realize that there is an easy solution to all these problems: Consider having the pet spayed or neutered.  Puppies and kittens can be altered as young as 3-4 months of age.

PAAWS was the recipient of the 2006 Somerfest funds for spay/neuter which were used by qualifying pet owners. PAAWS has worked with local schools to bring pet education programs to the students. It participated in the Kolache Festival, Somerfest, Octoberfest, and has held numerous fundraisers, and is currently selling tee shirts and cookbooks.

PAAWS's goals are; continued networking with other animal rescue groups in the region, expansion of the spay/neuter program, increased adoptions, and purchasing land to expand their rescue activities.


The Mission of P.A.A.W.S. is three-fold. First, to rescue and find appropriate homes for abandoned or abused animals, and to provide a home for animals that have not been adopted or whose owners have died or been put in nursing homes. Second, to educate the public on responsible pet ownership. Third, to educate the public on the benefits of spaying/neutering pets to control pet population and to assist with the costs of spaying/neutering.